The German figures are according to a survey more willing than citizens of other Nations, for public goods with taxes. The results of a study by the Basel Institute of Commons and Economics, published by the United Nations show.

The Institute had asked for in the past three years, with the help of universities and non-governmental organizations in 141 countries, how much the citizens are willing to accept taxes and contributions, with which health care, education, environmental protection, infrastructure, social aid, public-financed legal media and culture.

Germany achieved on a scale of 1 (low acceptance) to 10 (strong acceptance) an average value of 7.0. In Austria (6,4) and Cambodia (6.7) is the acceptance, therefore, is also relatively high. It looks totally different in the Balkan States of Serbia, (4,1), Montenegro (3.9) and Macedonia (3,2).

survey to taxpayers

According to the “Bild”newspaper, the Federal Ministry of Finance is currently preparing a survey to find out whether the people in Germany find the tax burden is appropriate. Also want to know the Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), how satisfied taxpayers are with what the state offers.