Cathy Berx, Antwerp, governor and chairman of the Flemish Forum of traffic Safety, calls for the ears for the bikers to do these things. It was after the verkeersinstituut VIAS on Thursday announced that the number of deaths in a year’s time, in Flanders, with a 23% increase.

In the province of Antwerp, an increase in the number of road deaths by 29 in the first half of 2018, according to a 41 in the first half of 2019. The increase was mainly among cyclists and motorists. “The numbers are increasing dramatically. There is an urgent need for zero tolerance for alcohol on the roads. For drugs that are already in place, but the chances of getting caught should be much higher,” said Berx on Thursday.

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But it is still a step forward. “The behaviour of cyclists needs to change. I do have to wear earplugs on the bike to do these things. That means less distraction on the road. We need to be in the movement just want to have more respect for each other.”

Berx wants to get the event of an accident, with the residents being assessed. “Locals know the local traffic and the best of them. In the evaluation of the accident and the involvement we can have in dangerous situations, it is faster to address,” says Berx.

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