Examination of the WHO – Swiss students are show Champions of Europe in the weed surveys in the whole of Europe: young people try, in no country more often Cannabis than in Switzerland. These are the backgrounds. Luca De Carli70 Kommentare70Jeder fourth 15-Year-old in Switzerland has already been wasted. This shows a wide survey of schools.Photo: Keystone

more Than 11’000 Swiss young people from 715 randomly-selected classes have participated. Every four years, the world health organization (WHO) in Europe, pupils between 11 and 15 years, to ask how they deal with drugs, sexuality, nutrition, and other things that impact on your health. On Tuesday, the results of which were published.

While the young Swiss at the compared to most of the sizes at least equal to or better than the young people in the Rest of Europe, sections, stand out in a negative: the use of Cannabis. Students try in no country more often Cannabis than in Switzerland.

The Numbers: So is it the Cannabis use of young people in Switzerland

In Switzerland were only the 14 – and 15-Year-olds on the topic of Cannabis interviewed in the European comparison, the WHO, and the details of the 15 were only a Year old. Of these, 27 per cent of boys and 17 percent of the girls stated in Switzerland, to have used Cannabis tried. 13 percent of boys and 8 percent of girls did so in the last 30 days before the survey. Regularly smoke weed (at least three Times). in this period, around 8% of boys and 4 percent of girls Was asked here, after Cannabis with a high THC content, which is prohibited in Switzerland. Consumption among Swiss young people is higher than among the adults. You have specified in the current surveys, about 4 percent in the last 30 days of Cannabis consumed.

And what that means in a European comparison?

The 27 percent of boys have tried Cannabis, are of the highest value of all 40 countries in which interviews were conducted. The Swiss girl with 17 percent in the upper midfield. On average, 15 percent of all 15-year-old European boys already have experience with Cannabis. The girls are 11 per cent. What affects the current consumption (last 30 days before the survey), is the boys ‘ only Bulgaria against Switzerland. The regular consumption (at least three Times in 30 days) don’t compare the WHO.

a liberal Cannabis policy in Switzerland Is the reason for the high values?

for Sure not alone. Relatively loose, the Swiss justice comes only with full-year Cannabis users. Since 2013 full-year persons will be punished with a Fine of 100 francs and not more displayed. Young people due process threatens to continue. In addition, our neighboring States (with the exception of Austria) the Cannabis use of 15-Year-olds all in the European top group. France, in particular, stands out long by a hard policy, which was only relaxed in the last few years. And here, of all places, the consumption decreased compared to the last WHO survey, most clearly: stated in 2014, 29 percent of the French boys, to have Cannabis tried, it’s now 19 percent. The Foundation is Switzerland has carried out the surveys for the WHO in Switzerland. Behind the high consumption rate, they hypothesized various factors, which interlock with one another, as spokeswoman Monique Portner says helper. “We suspect that a certain degree of social acceptance of Cannabis in Switzerland will contribute to this. Smoking weed is probably viewed by some young people as not so bad,” says Portner-helper. The most rare weed of European young people in Azerbaijan, Moldova and Russia.

Smoking Weed young people today often?

Very clearly no. The interviews for the WHO to be carried out for several decades. Most Cannabis was widely used by the youth to the year 2000. At that time, almost half of the respondents had a boy and every third girl consumes Cannabis. Since then, this value is decreased significantly. The regular use was first asked in 2006. In this period of time has changed at this value hardly anything. Addiction Switzerland speaks in the decline of consumption since the year 2000 of a General phenomenon that applies to Cannabis, other substances such as alcohol. Even with alcohol, the Foundation looks in addition to preventive efforts, social Trends, the help that young people drink less as well.

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