RSC Anderlecht appeared today before the licensing committee of the Belgian Football association (belgian football association) in order to spread the word about the trainerssituatie in the purple-and-white. In the role of player-manager in Vincent Kompany, who does not have the appropriate trainer’s disposal, and had to be resolved. Davies had not a shadow coach,” says the purple-and-white. “For a lot of players is Kompany a real life. Is he a real trainer? I’m sorry, he’s coach in the sense of inspirer, and a facilitator. However, if we project The Project to continue working,’ would be called then, had a somewhat less impact.” The decision follows on the 15th of October.

finally, RSC Anderlecht, had to be on the bondszetel explanation to give of the function of Kompany, who this season as a player-manager in the astrid park. But to be a coach in the Jupiler Pro League are to be allowed, this is a UEFA Pro Licence is required. Kompany has not graduate from high school. Therefore, it was made by Simon Davies has been appointed as the T1 of the Anderlecht, but in the license manager to suspect that this is just for the appearances, and that’s Kompany behind the steering wheel, and so on. That would be a violation of the licensing terms, and that it can be, RSCA to be a punishment to stand, ranging from a fine or even the loss of the proflicentie in the season, following on from the procedure.

the Purple-and-white, with Frank Vercauteren is only one certified head coach or appointed, allowed itself to be represented by the CEO, mr. Jo Van Biesbroeck and the company’s General Counsel, Bert Van der Auwera.

“Kompany, the staff is not composed of” open defence counsel, Van der Auwera and his call. “We are looking for people who have vision to share. We have the contacts to Vincent used to be that people will have to find an agreement. Thanks to the contacts of the theory, we also have the players be able to make it to Anderlecht to come. It was important that they all share the same visions. Vincent could play the role of a source of inspiration for the staff to play with.”

“In the preparation for, and at the start of the season, it was very clear what the role of Simon Davies recorded the training, to the conduct of the players is to guide the tactical plan, define, and he carried out the replacements in. Kompany had been on a three-pronged role to play: he has been the leader in the field, because he is by far the most experienced and winning player. However, he also had to make sure that the vision in the football language could be translated. In addition to this, he had to act as a source of inspiration and a career coach for young players.”

“as A part of our communication about Kompany was in public relations, gave Van der Auwera to. “Kompany is such an important figure. This has resulted in the sale of contracts, and business bundles. Do we have the correct wording is used in terms of its function? Maybe it isn’t.”

“We’ve always communicated on the Project, Kompany and a new vision, but we’ve always communicated is that Davies is our head coach, it would have been. If we project The Project to continue working,’ would be called then, had a somewhat less impact.”

“he has an analysis that is out there on the field, very, very, very much to do. As a defender, needs to focus first and foremost on his own game. He saw other players during the match to him, he did. He also admitted that he was, in his efforts to – from the top of the frigobox, for example, that it continued to be that the players have to stay on track in addition to the game. While the injury to Kompany, together with Davies and the cast of actors have come to the conclusion that we will also have a strong figure to coach during the games. This has led to the appointment of Franky Vercauteren last week. Simon Davies is the veldtrainer the system, and the lines of the vision, must teach it to the players. And where is Kompany and its role as a source of inspiration and will to continue to play with the young players. He has been a coach, a career coach, but it is not the official coach is in the strictest sense of the word.”

“For a lot of players is Kompany a real life. Is he a real trainer? I’m sorry, he’s coach in the sense of inspirer, and a facilitator, was the resolution of his case. “It is undoubtedly true that we have an ambiguous image is outlined in terms of its function. However, it is Vincent Kompany, the man who decides who to play, and how players are evaluated, and the vision of during the week and is training for? Not at all. Davies had not a shadow of trainer. He is the man who has the vision needed to be trained. As a result, he was just at the post office.”

“Beerschot for us, it was also an eye opener that we need a solution to find. None of our players would have expected, but to the extensions would come out. We’ll see how the players ‘ support, went to look for the natural leader…. Then, we can hardly say: ‘you mustn’t’. Kompany has also the role of the advocate will be played. If the outside world is that it’s a must see: not a problem. The difficulty is, we can see that the personality of the Kompany is stronger coming out.”

“There is a major natural attraction in the form of Vincent Kompany for our young players. For us, as a club, is that of the value of gold,” stated CEO, Van Biesbroeck. Davies will lead the veldtrainingen. From the very beginning to the very end. Where the confusion can arise is that we have had in our coaching staff, with different personalities, sitting down. One’s personality weighs in at just heavier than the other. The arrangements are contractually agreed, but the play of personalities may be, we are not in the rules to describe it.”

” it seems to Me that we took the right decision for the club. We have a Vincent, a topkerel that young people want guidance from A to Z. That is, we aren’t going to change. Because, as a club, we just need it.”

The verdict followed on the 15th of October.As the purple-and-white is judged, then the risk in the worst-case scenario, the loss of the proflicentie, and the loss of the amateurreeksen. In the best case scenario is that the club is off to a fine up to 5,000 euros.

More about RSC Anderlecht), Anthony Vanden Borre trained to be on the first day of Frank Vercauteren right back into the heart of Anderlecht, Frank Vercauteren sets the tone immediately as the head coach at Anderlecht “The philosophy is we are not going to change,” In may, Anderlecht) Vincent Kompany for as a player-manager, you have to prove that he’s the coach, not to. Can I do that? Vincent Kompany will be able to be in Belgium, not a course, more to follow