Eli Iserbyt will continue its momentum. The West-Flemish by Pauwels Sauces, Bingoal ran in the Rain in spite of materiaalpech for his seventh victory. “That materiaalpech it was my fault”, he said. “I am changed, and the wind and the Rain fell down and my chain fell off. Most likely, there was too much dirt between them, so that the rear derailleur and the spokes will hit.”

SEE ALSO. , Eli Iserbyt will beat the Tom Pidcock, despite materiaalpech in the epic battle in the Rain.

Iserbyt has made all the difference by the cross, and had a nice lead, but it was still in the Rain. “After that, I can’t get back into my rhythm and get in. In the end I am glad that I am calm, am left. The old He would not be able to win more, but for now, I focus and I got the negative into the positive.”

Pidcock, took some distance, but finally did Iserbyt is to get rid of the British. “It had to be done. So, you changed, I do not bike, because I was the first to descent, you want to start. Tom was on the line, so I just had to have him. After that, I will be taken off the shelf, and I pick up the win. I think I was higher up, but I have a deep need to go, and I think that the viewer will have a good duel now.

the Sunday, Yet it returns, Mathieu van der Poel is back on the field. “I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to be good. Pidcock, Mathieu and I will be able to have a nice price out of it, I guess. We have a very high level, and it would be strange to find out, if Was far from us drive off.”

Tom Pidcock: “that’s materiaalpech, it was a lot less exciting”,

Tom Pidcock (bradley Wiggins-Le Col) should be just a little bit longer for his first win of the season in waiting. The British rider crashed in to check your email again to be a strong, Eli Iserbyt. “Without it, materiaalpech, it was a lot less exciting”, he admitted.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Pidcock had a good start and had to chase. In no time, he ran to Show it and He for one more Year is over, and he turned his sights firmly set on Iserbyt. In the second round, beende him, but he was not the subject of the market, with many of the gears of the Iserbyt. “He was strong today,” acknowledged Pidcock. “In the downhill I might have better things to do, but in the Rain, and the other pieces of the climbs he has made all the difference.”

Like reed, Iserbyt away from him, to the leader of the Pauwels Sauce-Bingoal is suddenly stopped at the foot of the Rain by the materiaalpech. “Suddenly, I saw him in the middle of the road. I don’t know what happened, but I was able to plug it in again, and we were once again in a race. After that, I get the error from cycle to change, and he went away from me. But it is certainly a well-deserved win.”

the Pidcock know, this season is not to win, and that is that there may not be any easier, as soon as Mathieu van der Poel is back in the field to drive. “It’s very good, but Was it will be even harder for a chance to win. I also know, however, that he went to work at a level that will be.”

Michael Vanthourenhout: “No we had a much better”

After his second place in last year’s Michael Vanthourenhout on Friday, again on the podium, finished the Koppenbergcross. In the first stage, Parent-in Sauces Vastgoedservice had bad luck in the beginning, but it dragged on for yet a third place, and out of the fire.

“I got held up by a rider in front of me, and that is a mistake made from the start,” said the 25-year-old of West-Flanders. “My back wheel slipped on by, so I was on the bike and had lost a lot of time in the Rain. Then I had to chase. In such a circuit, you can go back to, but Eli Iserbyt, and Tom Pidcock was going to go flying. Too bad, because I suspect that I might be able to follow it. Sorry to say.”

In the battle for third place, and he showed himself to be better than the Show for one more Year. “I felt that I was stronger than him in the climb. On the other parts, it was necessary in order to keep up the pace. It worked, and in the end, I once again filled up by the Rain, and that was enough for third place. I am very happy with it, this is not a ranking, at the time, and you have plenty of time to win it or lose it.” .

for More on Eli Iserbyt of DVV Insurance, Trophies from the start, with the Koppenbergcross. the phenomenon of The Iserbyt: articulated: “He has been a top has not yet reached the Belgian selection for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS cyclo-cross in Italy and is well-known that it can count on for one more Year, and Iserbyt, If it should be Orange in keeping with Eli Iserbyt will also be in Superprestige Gavere