The logistics sector in belgium and the Dutch Limburg province is teeming with, but at the same time heavy to the right people to find you. What is the result? Thus, a total of 1,100 vacancies for the hogeropgeleide profile. In addition to the required skills of today are not the same as those of the future. With an innovative and transnational programme aims Logistics, Learning Without Frontiers is not only increased, but also the future of logistics experts are gearing up.

Last year there were, in Belgian Limburg, on average, 400 is a logistics job opportunities at the bachelor level. In Dutch Limburg, were the 500 other jobs are open. Both of the regions, a European logistics hotspot, but is facing a mismatch between supply and demand on the labour market. “Not only is there a need for more, but they are also better-educated employees who are ready for the test, which in the fast pace, the companies have come to” open, open, Tom Vandeput, a deputy of the Economy and of Policy. “With the Logistics of the Learning Without Boundaries, we want to logistics experts to deliver the current issues with the administration.”

the Following is an in-depth analysis of the needs of the companies, it will be the Logistics of Learning Without Boundaries, from the fall of 2020, an interactive webinar and a virtual classroom will launch around the innovations, trends, and skills for the future. “Consider, for example, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, or the automation, but also on soft skills such as people management, flexibility and the ability to solve problems”, to tell a story, Carla Olivier, and Danny’s History, respectively, of the colleges PXL (Hasselt), and Fontys in Venlo.