Human rights at risk – UN criticised Swiss Anti-terrorism law, special Rapporteur of the United Nations, the fear of human rights violations in the Swiss draft law against offenders. The CoE also sees a number of problematic points.0 Comment 15-Year-old could be placed under house arrest: The UN criticized the draft law of the Federal Council. (Archive photo)photo: Keystone/Salvatore di Nolfi

The United Nations human rights Commission criticized the draft law of the Federal Council to combat terrorism. She warns in a letter to the government prior to the planned law, which was imprecisely formulated; this open arbitrary freedom entzügen the door.

The Federal Department of justice and police (FDJP), confirmed at the request of the news Agency Keystone SDA on Sunday the receipt of a letter of the UN Commission on human rights. From the Letter relating to the Federal law “on Police measures to combat terrorism” had reported the “sonntagsblick”. The bill, which provides for, among other things, a preventive detention will be debated in Parliament.

According to the Department spokeswoman, the Federal Council has not proposed one of the controversial points, the so-called secure housing for terrorist women Offenders and offenders (GUG),. This measure had been introduced by the Parliament.

According to the “Sunday view” the fear of the UN special Rapporteur that “as a result of application of this act, to serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms”. In the present Form of the planned Anti-terrorism are the Convention-measures, neither with the European Convention on human rights consistent with the UN rights of the child.

criticism from the Council of Europe

Already the middle of may, the people had criticized rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe in a letter to the security policy Commission of the national Council (SiK) of the template. This does not correspond in many respects to the human rights.

is Criticised, in particular, that 15-Year-old could be placed under house arrest, this is contrary to the human and children’s rights. Also, the possibility of measures to prevent children from twelve years of age to adopt, proved to be a contradiction in terms. The Federal police could also, without a criminal investigation into people as so-called offenders under house arrest, this arbitrariness is not possible.

The Council of States has adopted the template already. He had suggested in the broken spring session as the first Council in the case of the measures to combat terrorism for tougher penalties for terrorists pronounced as the Federal Council. In the core points, he was followed by the government. For the control of terrorist Gefährdern the police to obtain additional instruments. In the summer session of the national Council will have to decide.

(SDA / step)

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