The investigation against five Frankfurt police officers, on suspicion of sedition in the crosshairs of the state protection, has given rise to the police, a debate about how such cases in the future will be dealt with. As the state Chairman of the Association of German detective, Dirk Peglow, said yesterday, “should be more accurately thought of” whether police officers would not need to attend more closely to a period of Supervision to prevent right-wing attitudes become more entrenched in the first place. In times in which the police often use Racial Profiling would be accused, it is especially hard when the allegation has sprung up, officials had the right ideas. Peglow is confident that the allegations will now be elucidated in detail. “This is urgently needed.”

Andreas Green, country Chairman of trade Union of police, said: “right-extremist ideology has no place in the police.” If the allegations against the officials, “then the consequences have to be made”.

swastikas and similar symbols

How long the investigations carried out for sedition, and use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations, still, could not say the district attorney’s office. Police chief Gerhard Bereswill, swastikas and similar symbols appeared in the chat.

As reported, were mobile phones and hard drives of the accused officials of the 1. Police station ensured and evaluated. We have found numerous photos, Videos, and texts that would have been directed against refugees, but also against the disabled. Some of the content has been classified in a first assessment as “extremist”.

Even the SPD and the greens call for an investigation

the interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU), said yesterday: “The fact that immediately after the advent of the suspected criminal have been initiated, as well as disciplinary proceedings by the Department, makes it clear that the intra-governmental mechanisms to work. Misconduct of any kind is decided to be punished.“ Education also demanded the SPD and the Green. The interior policy spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group in the Landtag, Nancy Faeser, said: “For right-wing thought can and there should be no place in the Hessian police. I expect that the allegations will be quickly resolved.“ The Green member of the German Bundestag Omid Nouripour called for an “early warning system against political extremism in the ranks of the police”.