On the European stock exchanges have adopted on Tuesday, bargain hunters, and the rudder. After the bitter losses of the past few days you were back to stock. After a five-loss days in a row,the Dax rose 1.5 percent to 10.780, 51 points. Analyst Milan Cutkovic from the broker house AxiTrader but warned against too much optimism. “With the lack of positive impulses, and the political events in the foreground, it would be for the equity markets difficult to start a sustainable recovery rally.” Especially the back conquest of the 11,000-mark in the Dax will difficult.

For a little Confidence and hopes of the investors, provided, that in the trade dispute between China and the United States, but soon to a positive outcome. The trigger for the speculation of a phone conversation between the American Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, the American trade representative Robert Lighthizer, and the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He was. “The call is against the Background of the whole conflict as positive, however, I must warn you, the end of the tariff dispute, to declare,” said trader Stephen Innes from the online broker Oanda.

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the sticking point on the stock exchanges, remained the Brexit, after the British Prime Minister Theresa May had cancelled for Tuesday night’s planned vote in the Brexit Treaty in Parliament. The pound, which was submerged in consequence, to the lowest level since one and a half years, rose by half a percent to 1,2635 dollars.

New setbacks not to be ruled out, said Thu Lan Nguyen, a currency specialist at Commerzbank. “The market fears that May with the postponement of the vote, losing to probably the middle of January next year precious time.” The risk for a hard Brexit is increased. It is planned that the United Kingdom, the European Union (EU) on 29. March leaves.

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economists in the case of a Brexit in the absence of concrete phase-out plans of a considerable damage to the British economy. “The economic growth of the country could drop by an average of five percent, if not all eight to ten percent in other trade should wait for partners such as the United States with the conclusion of an agreement,” said Patrice Gautry, chief economist of the Bank Union Bancaire Privee.

Asked in the Dax were mainly Tech-after they had already confessed to the Wall Street. And Wirecard Infineon module with a Plus of two percent of the Top favorites.

speculation about a speedy reduction in the Chinese punitive duties in the United States-produced cars, the courses of the European vehicle manufacturers inspire. The industry index doubled within a short time of his gains to 3.1 percent. The prices of BMW and Daimler, the manufacture in the United States, all-terrain vehicles, and export to China rose 2.4 percent. The broad market recovery, the shares cyclical shares before, as a boost factor.