The return of the biggest talent competition of the PAF. France has an incredible talent returns for a 17th season this Tuesday, October 18 on M6. A 2022 edition hosted by Karine Le Marchand, along with her sole jury, Éric Antoine, Hélène Ségara, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy.

Like every edition, the flagship program of M6 highlights a hundred candidates from all over France, and beyond the borders. From singing to dancing, from humor to thrills, between laughter and tears… All want to reap the favors (and the 4 yeses) of the jury. Since 2006, France has incredible talent has revealed many artists, some of whom shone by winning the final and the 100,000 euros promised to the winner. Before knowing who will succeed Salah, Axel and Alizée, Marina Kaye, Jean-Baptiste Guégan or even the Lefèvre family, there is still a long way to go for the 120 new candidates for the 2022 season.

Since the first broadcast of Incroyable talent on M6, 1,800 candidates have been selected from thousands of casting applicants. Solo, duo, trio or group, they spontaneously applied while others were unearthed by casters during open stages or on social networks. Among them, Planet interviewed a former candidate who passed the casting.

In 2015, Louis was singing in a choir when the latter was spotted for the show’s 10th season. “In May, we passed the casting with all the members of the choir, young and old, without forgetting the musicians”. In front of the team of casters who came to listen to them during their rehearsals, they presented several titles from their repertoire from variety.

Two months have passed since the casting, but no response from production. While the group was performing on tour in the south of France in July, the news broke. “We were at the table when our choirmaster announced our selection for the show at the start of the school year. We couldn’t believe our ears, it was unreal”, still remembers the twenty-something and fan of the program. For him and his friends, the hardest part remains to be done…

After a well-deserved summer vacation, Louis’ choir still had a lot of work to do before they could present their number to the jury of La France a unincredible talent. He goes back in particular to their preparation. “We rehearsed in July during our tour, but also at the end of August before the start of the school year”, he confides to Planet.

“From Wednesday to Saturday, we were in rehearsal at the premises with the musicians and the soloists. Morning or late afternoon, we worked hard to be ready, as in the conditions of a live broadcast “. Until the day before the audition on stage, Louis and his comrades worked on the voices, harmonies and staging to defend the title No, no, nothing has changed from their elders, the Poppys. Then the big day arrived!

“This time, let’s go!”. The dream was coming true for Louis’ choir. After receiving the invitations, choristers, male voices and musicians are invited to attend the auditions of La France a unincredible, on Wednesday September 9, 2015 at the André Malraux theater in Rueil-Malmaison. A tenth season hosted by Alex Goude, and for the first time in the jury Éric Antoine, Hélène Ségara and Kamel Ouali, joined by Quebecer Gilbert Rozon.

Between two rehearsals on the stage before the audition, Louis and his friends even ran into two jurors backstage. “We had the opportunity to chat with Kamel Ouali and Éric Antoine. The latter told us a few jokes by comparing us to the Choristes”, smiles the former member of the group. Then Jérôme Anthony, the host of the after party on M6, met the young candidates. “He told us he was a fan of the Poppys when he was young and we even sang a few songs with him,” recalls the former candidate.

After several hours of waiting behind the scenes, the choir had its audition at the end of the afternoon in front of the jury and the spectators. Led by two soloists, the choir and the musicians sang their popular anthem No, no, nothing has changed. From the first notes of the chorus, the audience clapped their hands rhythmically before rising and being joined by the jurors in unison. A nice memory for the group. And, icing on the buzzer: the four yeses of the jury! “It was an incredible moment for us, our families and friends were very proud of us”, says Louis for Planet. “Today, we talk about it again between us. Even one of my friends couldn’t believe that we had participated in the show”.

If the adventure stopped at the gates of the semi-finals, the troupe continued its musical activities. In 2021, the soldiers of the school of Saint-Cyr were the first choir to win France has an incredible talent. Who will succeed them this season 17? Answer at the end of the year on M6.