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the time Has come to choose a career. A few days to know the results of the EvAU, students prepare for a decisive moment in their lives. With the note in hand, the options are more limited and it is normal that questions arise when you attempt to choose the best option. In addition this year, the health crisis has brought many unknowns , also in the labour market, which may impact on the choice of the races. “Some sectors have been clearly promoted as is everything related to the Health Sciences”, pointing to Jose Castellanos , Managing Director of PageGroup. The same thing has happened with all things digital and e-commerce that encompasses both the Digital Marketing as the information technology career. “The logistics sector and the legal also now have more demand, as the insurer,” he adds.

And remember that any career technical, the numerical, have each time more outputs . “We value this capacity of organization’s numerical brain,” he says. The same thing happens with profiles of computer technicians.

Castellanos believes that the young spaniards are opting more for traditional careers, “a lot of times are not well aware of the professional options and choose by other criteria”. In ESIC, for example, the studies defendants are Marketing, Digital Business, business administration and Advertising. is Second Huarte , dean of Degree of ESIC believes that when you choose “employability is something that weighs” . In the case of this university, 93% of their graduates are working within six months after the end of the race. In the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) emphasize that while there are courses which always are in demand, there are others that attract the attention of the students because of its novelty , “in particular those that have to do with the field of bio and technology,” says Clara Molina , vice-rector of graduate Studies of the UAM. In your opinion, when choosing the students, “you have to know that the important thing is to lay well the foundations, to acquire a solid formation of degree. This will enable them to later enter a master’s programme with which you approach your goal.” Recommended to choose a good college, “with good laboratories, with teachers who investigate and bring first-hand knowledge”.

Regardless of what you go to study, “the important thing is to choose something that you feel a vocation , because there will come the strength we need for the years of study ahead of you”. Advisable to take into account not only the outputs professionals who know because “the world changes very quickly and emerging new opportunities.”


According to the VI Report Young Business Talents, the 75% of young Spanish people would choose the career according to their tastes before that by professional outlets . It is usual to find vocational students who know what they want to study at all costs and others who doubt that and end up preferring careers with high rates of employability, such as qualifications STEM or linked with the business world. “But the careers of all life continue to attract thousands of students every year and it is important to remember that, regardless of what you study, the greater the guarantee of success is to do it thoroughly,” says Clara Molina. In the UAM the rates of employability are higher than 80% in grade, 90% graduate and 95% phd. “Studying is already a guarantee not only of employment but of a better job: that is why it is vital to study a lot and take full advantage of the opportunities that the university offers, both in the classroom as well as outside of them,” he says.

At the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), for example, the titles most in demand are those in the area of Health, and all of the different areas that are taught in the form online.

to Evaluate the effort

“Is increasingly valued in the market because a dual-degree means a better training and says a lot about the person . It has made more of an effort and demonstrates the capacity for sacrifice”, says the Managing Director of PageGroup. It is a trend that is seen in different universities. “They have a lot of pull, since the students achieved in five years, two complementary titles, which opens up more windows of opportunity to work,” says the dean of Degree of ESIC. In the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB), for example, the double degree programs allow students to earn in four years, in addition to a University Degree in business administration or Law, a Master’s degree in Stock exchange and Financial Markets or in International Management & Analytics. One of the most demanded is the Degree in Law + Master in International Management and Analytics. is José Miguel Serrano , Academic Director of Legal Studies, IEB, remember that the sectors in which you can put into practice the knowledge acquired in the Degree in Right of the IEB are as diverse as industry, trade, banking, insurance, development cooperation, etc”.

The double-degrees are becoming increasingly valued and open more doors in the job market

Schiller International University is also very common to opt for a double degree by combining the four grades of existing, a time to be an american university “we have more flexibility,” says Elizabeth Campbell , director of the Madrid campus. Advertise International Business Administration, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Tourism and Hospitality. “Many of our students are very entrepreneurial, and study and work at the same time. In many cases, they are entrepreneurs. We offer a lot of flexibility and are students with a profile very open,” adds Campbell.

there is No doubt that this year’s the uncertainty surrounding all college students and creates more insecurities to begin this year . And it is precisely in this context, from Schiller’s point that ” the only safe value is the training that lets you deal with unexpected situations. It is the one that is going to give you the basics, and that force must transmit to the students, to adapt to something different.”