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“News” of the Real Club Marítimo de Santander was proclaimed on the afternoon of Sunday, the winner of the Villalia J70 Series, which concluded in galician waters, with the organization of the Real Club Nautico of Vigo and the Class J70 based in the city olívica. The boat skippered by José María Crooked (RCM Santander), which had the crew to Rayco Tabares (RCN Reef), Francisco Palacios (R.C.A.R. Gijón) and also cantabrians Luis Martín Cabíedes and Paul Saturde. The silver was for the boat of the balearic islands “Patakín” of the Club de Mar in Mallorca with Luis Albert to the cane, with a crew in which he emphasized the olympic lisbon Afonso on Sunday, that empataba points with “News”… it exceeded that by achieving first three partials. The bronze was for “Marnatura 1” of Luis Bugallo, who told his crew of sailors to the full Náutico de Vigo: Enrique Freire, Gerardo Prego, Alberto Basadre and Mateo Vázquez. The next event of major importance, the Championship of Spain, which will be held in the waters of the ria of Pontevedra, and of the hand of the Nautical Club of Combarro in Poio, and you are immersed in the Week Abanca.

The day of closing in the waters of vigo was more than acceptable, with winds that comenaron being in the northeast and ended up being the west… between 7 and 13 knots… the fruit of which they were able to complete three sleeves, which were won by “Eurofrist-Aviko” (Marítimo de Santander), “Mercedes Benz” (Real Club Náutico of Barcelona) and the closing that he was worth the victory for “News”.

There are highlight, which leaves very clear the high level… after the first race of the day the leader was “Patakín”, after the second “Marnatura 1”… that when he had everything to his favor to win… his low score (was 14th) gave the tray to the victory to a regular “News”.

Highlight the “Patakín” that as a tremendous consistency in all of their performances, to the point I was pouncing: 3rd-5th-3rd-2nd-4th-4th-5th. Two ships that at the end they regretted the prodding of the strange test of the Saturday, were two major patterns gallegos, in the case of Gonzalo Araújo with “LaGuardia&Moreira” and Luis Perez Channel with “April Green”, they deserved much more… it is worth the fact that Araújo it was to a point only of Luis Bugallo!.

Reaction of the canariones competing for the Náutico of Barcelona: the “Mercedes Benz” that finally gave signs of his might to win one of the sleeves on the Sunday, being the seventh in the final list, ahead of the valencia’s “Leti t be”, vigo’s “Sogacsa” of Sancho Páramo and the surprising and very young Alejandro Perez Channel with “Bosch Service Solutions” tried to you to you, to all of the favorites and got on its own merits in the “top ten”.