Donation for Swiss-Ski – 300’000 Swiss francs for the Lauberhorn race, jörg Moser wants to help with his donation, the Lauberhorn races remain. He hopes others will follow his example.Etienne Sticher1 race Kommentar1Gibt it soon no Lauberhorn more? The OK and Swiss-Ski are arguing about money.Keystone, despite record attendance fraud, the deficit in 2019 is almost 300’000 Swiss francs.KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer remain in the race in Wengen, receive, donates, Jörg Moser (left) 300’000 Swiss francs to Swiss-Ski. The Bernese entrepreneur, has been a supporter of the Swiss sport. He sponsored, for example, the Siegermuni of the Federal Schwingfests 2013. KEYSTONE/Lukas Lehmann1 / 3

the organizers of The Lauberhorn race, want more money, were so even before the court. Swiss-Ski but not to blackmail and requested to delete the Events in the Bernese Oberland, from the calendar of the International ski Federation FIS. Swiss Federal councillor Adolf Ogi turned on and a call when the sports Minister Viola Amherd is next week on the program.

But that’s Jörg Moser, everything for too long. The owner of the Swiss folk music centre in Bern Lueg want to donate 300’000 Swiss francs to Swiss-Ski. He wanted to help, “and find a viable solution for the future of the Lauberhorn race”. He hopes others will follow his example and also donate to the race can still be carried out.

sports promoter with a heart

“The Lauberhorn races belong to the Swiss heritage,” says Moser. With his folk music center, he wants to work for the preservation and promotion of traditional folk culture. He is a generous supporter of sports events. He sponsored, for example, the Siegermuni “Fors vo dr Lueg” of the Federal Schwingfests 2013.

Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann speaks of a “strong sign of the value of the deciduous horns, but also for Swiss-Ski and snow sport in Switzerland”, the Moser sets. “I was and still am, convinced that we are able to bring additional resources into the snow sports,” says Lehmann. He will forward the money with great joy and gratitude to Wengen more.

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