Police used tear gas against protesters


New protests in Hong Kong – police used tear gas against protesters vorChinas plans to adopt their own security laws for Hong Kong in the Chinese special administrative region of renewed riots.0 KommentareDie government in Beijing has laws decided that the special status of the metropolis of questioning.Storyful

A large contingent of security forces was on Sunday in the main shopping district of Causeway Bay with tear gas against thousands of protesters. There was, according to local media reports, arrests. Some protesters were holding banners on which, among other things, “the sky is the Communist party of China will destroy the state”. Also Calls for independence.

The police had warned in advance that demonstrations would be dissolved as illegal assemblies. Because of the Corona pandemic apply in the densely populated Asian economic and financial metropolis of the rules of distance, the groups of up to eight people allow. In anticipation of possible protests, the police had mobilised water cannons.

“Illegal assemblies” resolved: The police confronted the protesters, well-equipped.Photo: Keystone

The new demonstrations inflamed the plans of the Chinese leadership to adopt their own laws for the protection of national security in Hong Kong. Since the Friday meetings of Chinese people’s Congress is expected to adopt at the end of his plenary session on Thursday a decision of the Standing Committee of the Parliament, an order for the adoption of such a law to be attached to the Hong Kong basic law. Thus, the people’s Congress would handle the Hong Kong Parliament.

The law is aimed at activities that are considered subversive or independence could aim. It also opposes foreign interference. “If necessary” are to be stationed thus Chinese security organs in Hong Kong and used. The project joined in Hong Kong and internationally with a lot of criticism. It is regarded as a massive intervention into the autonomy of the former British crown colony.

Since the handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong is governed as a separate territory in accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems” under Chinese sovereignty and autonomy. Since last summer, the metropolis experienced the week for week of demonstrations against the government of their own, as a brutal perceived missions of the police and the growing influence of Beijing.

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