The city police department has 22 of the Turkish supporters of the football team, The nerazzurri picked up. They had weapons with them. It will be up to it after the match, the cell is required. After that, they will be available.

now, The nerves are stretched during the run-up to the Champions League match tonight between Club Brugge and Galatasaray. The two teams have met each other in 2002, and then, when it came to violent riots. Therefore, you want to be impressive and the police called in.

The Turkish supporters, to collect all of it in the center of the city, and that’s been just as wrong. “There are 22 Turkish is observed. They did not have a valid ticket and were in the possession of the pyrotechnic material and the carrying. They may be administratively detained after the match,” said Lien Depoorter, spokeswoman for the city police department.

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