Long shunned by the dematerialization of the music industry, the vinyl record has been making a strong comeback in recent years.

Purist music lovers and those nostalgic for a time when music did not go through headphones now acclaim it for the raw quality of its sound, and its authenticity.

Above all, the vinyl record is a piece of history: it recounts the 50s, 60s, 70s, rock bands, the hits of certain young people… Some even have their place in museums today. Others are so rare that they are resold at (very) expensive prices in flea markets or on the auction market.

According to the Catawiki website, the 5 most expensive vinyl records ever sold are:

Other iconic references are still snapped up on auction sites. The opportunity to check in your nightclub if you do not have some of these nuggets, which can earn you thousands of euros on resale. To be sure of getting the best price, however, your disc must be pristine and still sound smooth.

In our slideshow, discover the 10 vinyls that are worth a fortune today.