The CDU parliamentary group in the Rhineland-Palatinate has dealt once again with the awarding of the Carl-Zuckmayer-medal to the writer Robert Menasse. That these facts have invented, was a mistake, he apologized, was to be welcomed.

However, it says in a Resolution of the group, whether it is “inappropriate to the writer side of the state to recognize and to explain his behaviour to a model”. This is “the wrong Signal to the Public, to pupils, students and scientists”. With the award, the Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD) has damaged the political culture, just representatives of the state should stand up responsibly for truth, the democratic discourse alive.

The CDU also criticized that the government “had tried” to influence the press coverage by journalists were provided with a list of selected conversation partner. The government communication was created, “the situation in the case of Menasse one-sided and distorted”. To do this, you expect the Minister-President education.