Waregem, belgium – Work in the temp agency industries, it is in all aspects of working with people. At the same time, it is often a fairly new industry. A good example of this is in the Firmware Cossey. As a man in his twenties, he is head of his own employment agency in Waregem, belgium. “It was when, as a young strength is really growing.”

now That he is the head of an employment agency, and the leadership wants to give it, she told me that the Firmware Cossey, about a year ago, during his interview with Agilitas (formerly known as t-group”). After more than eight months, as the Firmware allows for a number of weeks, the head of the Agilitas office in Waregem, belgium. Even though there is a large and diverse managementtraineeprogramma in advance.

the 27 years old was he when the so called office manager, and even for the young temp agency industries – from a very young age. Even though he had all the experience. “In my previous job as a consultant for other temporary employment undertaking, I had quite the experience in the field, but if your own is out of the office just that little bit different,” he says. Thus, to prove employment, in terms of the approach, and the internal organization is different.

now, the Firmware did something he wanted to do. “In my job interview that I gave up my ambition to be an office to manage. In a leading role went to me. We talked about it when I was training in the four key areas that are the result of a temporary come to see: sales finance, personal development of your co-workers, and ultimately the operation of the office itself.”