He has been missing for over 11 years. On April 15, 2011, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, 50, disappeared on a road in the Var after crossing the whole of France incognito.

A few days earlier, his wife Agnès and his four children were found, buried under the terrace of the family pavilion in Nantes.

Since then, the father of the family has been the main suspect in the fivefold murder, but here it is: he has completely disappeared from the radar. It is not for lack, for the investigators, to have considered then dug many tracks: the caves and even the cemeteries of the Var were searched, we searched several abbeys where he was suspected of hiding, and we even arrested a poor man, Guy Joao, after an anonymous (and slanderous) denunciation in 2018.

But 11 years later, it would appear that the investigation has stalled.

Only, for Bruno de Stabenrath, who grew up alongside Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in Versailles, there is still a track to explore, and not the least: that of a departure abroad.

The childhood friend of the father of the family is convinced: XDDL is alive and well.

According to him, he would have been quite capable of “hiding” and fooling the authorities during all his years, especially since he is not the subject of any international arrest warrant.

“Xavier can bounce back. He left with a lot of money, emptying his wife’s accounts. He is very smart, very attractive. He speaks perfect English and Spanish, he can teach French and mathematics, seduce a woman…”, says the author of The Impossible Friend at Point de Vue.

Even more disturbing: Bruno de Stabenrath claims to have collected a testimony that could change everything. “Seven years ago, he was seen in the USA… I am sure he is still there”, he confided in the columns of the magazine.

It is a former neighbor who would have recognized the suspect during a trip to San Francisco in 2015.

“Someone very reliable told me the testimony of this woman, alas, who died three or four years ago. She was the wife of a notable from Nantes, a very Catholic family, very serious, not I don’t see why she would have invented such a story, “said Bruno de Stabenrath to Truth Investigations.

This woman would have recognized Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in a local bakery.

“She arrested him, he turned around and fled, continues Bruno de Stabenrath. She told everything to her husband and children, who were a few meters away. But alas, it remained in the family circle”, continues the friend of the suspect on the site.

The childhood friend of “the most wanted man in France” also spoke about the reasons which would have pushed the father of the family to commit the irreparable.

“It’s a long program: from 1995, Xavier has the impression that everything is collapsing around him. First he learns that he was fooled by his mother and his wife: he doesn’t is not a ‘chosen one’ and his wife is unfaithful”, says Bruno de Stabenrath in Point de Vue.

This story of a chosen one relates to the mysticism of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ mother, Geneviève, also founder of a curious apocalyptic sect: the Church of Philadelphia. At first very bigoted, XDDL drinks in his mother’s words and believes in her predictions, and in particular the one that makes him “the chosen one” of the kingdom to come. But in 1996, when the latter announced to him an imminent apocalypse, which would never happen, he would have realized his naivety.

A few years later, the father of the family is faced with a new betrayal: he discovers that his wife Agnès is cheating on him with none other than his best friend. Devastated, he nevertheless refuses to divorce. “He needs Agnès, he needs money and then he won’t be able to pay alimony, he can’t afford it.”, analyzes Bruno de Stabenrath in the columns of Point de Vue.

In January 2011, Xavier’s father, Count Dupont de Ligonnès, died. The infernal machine engages. “During his father’s lifetime, he would never have committed this act. He had too much respect for him and for the line of Ligonnès”, comments his childhood friend for the magazine.

For Bruno de Stabenrath, XDDL would have liked, after having carried out his crime, “to start all over again, in the United States”, a country which he adored and which he knew perfectly for having lived there, when he was younger…