July 2022 was officially the driest month ever recorded since the creation of Météo France. Consequence: a new record for soil drought has been reached. This is likely to become, during the month of August, the strongest and most important, even exceeding the phenomenon of 2003.

Elisabeth Borne had indicated in a press release last week, the creation of an interministerial crisis unit, reports Midi Libre. Because precisely, since August 8, 2022, 93 departments have been affected by restrictive measures due to this dangerous event, informs the Government site. 20 are on alert, 17 of which are reinforced, and 73 are in a state of crisis, the highest level of the mechanism for combating drought.

Failure to comply with the restrictions will result in a user being fined €1,500, which can increase to €3,000 in the event of a repeat offense, indicates Cnews. Associations, local authorities and private companies are also affected, with a fine of up to €7,500.

In a state of crisis, informs the Government website, these acts of water savings and deprivation are the most severe, although they are gradual and temporary. In addition, they force users to reduce their consumption to preserve priority uses. Namely, health, civil security, drinking water and sanitation.

Thus, there is a total ban on watering lawns, green spaces, washing your car and filling your swimming pool. The irrigation of crops, for farmers, is also prohibited. On the industrial side, water-consuming units are reduced to a minimum.