Novelist and former journalist Diane Boissonneault, who wrote under the name Lili Gulliver, breathed her last on Sunday in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Known among other things for her books The cocktails that my lovers concocted for me, The perfidious temptress and L’orgasme en apesanteur, Lili Gulliver made a wide audience smile thanks to her naughty stories and her irreverent humor.

Before her career as a novelist, various studies in literature, music, photography and screenwriting led her to La Presse. She also wrote in a few magazines and participated in different radio shows.

It was in 1990, thanks to the four volumes of L’univers Gullivers, published by VLB publisher, that she experienced her first success.

In addition, she ran a dating agency for three years in the mid-1990s and participated in the creation of the show of ribald songs Lili et les Libertines, at the end of that decade.

The many books sold by Lili Gulliver and her expertise in matters of love have allowed her to be invited to many sets, such as Claire Lamarche, Eros and company, Sex and confidences and The end of the world is at seven o’clock, as well as on French television.