A tribute to the bike tour-ISM, With flow through a wild piece of Switzerland pedal nThe heart requires of Cyclists a lot of stamina to loop around the bowl. It’s even easier by E-Bike – the vehicle, the in the Corona-crisis and new friends.Jacqueline Vinzelberg4 Kommentare4Der landscape and culture along the Route of the heart loop bowl is a discovery: thanks to E-Bike cyclists with ease on the go.Photo: Jacqueline Vinzelberg

“a Lot of Fun,” says the man from the rental behind the station Willisau, smiles and goes. 57 km and 1600 metres of altitude, it is important to cope well with the Velo. Comforting, in the use of E-Bikes. The technique is straightforward: in the pedals and on the buttons of the small box on the Handlebars press. Immediately soothing boost of power under the saddle, and lightness arises. Already the first increase after the Passage through the quiet old town with colourful facades, the historic city gates and fountains, you can tell what will bring the circumnavigation of the NAPF, with a challenging interplay of up and down.

heart route inventor Paul Hasler is cyclists with a passion, and, preferably, in the Emmental on the go.Photo: Jacqueline Vinzelberg

On the heart bowl in three stages, from Willisau to Langnau, more to Entlebuch and back to the starting point of the loop, is a tour the inventor, Paul Hasler particularly proud of. Because it makes even more intensively than other parts of the well-known heart route of the many facets of Switzerland experience. The Route is by a rather unknown and wild piece of Switzerland has been signposted in the spring of 2018, as the youngest of loops of a total of three Heart. These tie in with the actual heart on the route, a sophisticated track that leads across Switzerland. On the bike, the landscape in a minimum of 13 daily stages of the charms of the country enjoy, to 720 kilometers, with 12’000 metres in altitude. The journey leads by eleven of the cantons of Geneva to lake Constance. Just in Corona, times a good Alternative to discover the individual and away from large gatherings of people.

the idea for The heart route, Paul Hasler thirty years ago had, but it was not until 2003, the Vision became reality. The Cycling is the native of Eastern Switzerland, has become Bernbiet home, a matter of the heart. “On the bike it opens up a area in a new way. our country is ideal,” says Hasler. “Landscapes and cultural spaces that are constantly changing. This makes travelling by two Wheeler exciting, provided you can time.”

Long, flat stretches are not Haslers thing. Hills and curves, which provide the testing cycle-friendly variety and an exciting view program, into the program. And the Paths and roads that allow for a reasonably traffic-free Driving.

people blank post card panorama

The signs to “399” of the heart loop in the following, is to be delivered soon from the nature. It has happened to Eriswil, to dive completely into a human blank postcard panorama. In the middle of it, gently uplifting, the Napf, the highest mountain between Bern and Lucerne. With its hilly slopes, sparse Crests and wooded valleys, it offers a true experience of the labyrinth, crossed by winding lanes. On the horizon of the Bernese Alps, to the sky stretch. The air smells spicy and fresh.

Between Willisau and Langnau: Secluded, ornate farm houses with manicured gardens line the path and provide insight into the Tradition and architecture of the Emmental.Photo: Jacqueline Vinzelberg

Behind every bend something New will grab attention. A more spectacular vision, then an old farm house with ornate Gables and manicured garden. A farmer waves a greeting, a dog jumps happily behind the bikes.

The power of bicycles even untrained Cyclists will make the journey easy and the same different fitness levels in a group.

With so much entertainment for the eyes and soul of the effort of the Fort moving will shrink to triviality. Because in spite of the engine under your butt, this topography is not without Engagement of the leg muscles. But after a couple of hills to get a feel for the optimal combination of manual gear shifting and electric assist, the you can gradually unlock develops. So that will come Forward on an E-Bike on easy way quickly to the Routine. The tires humming softly and rhythmically, and you can concentrate on the Essential: the pleasure of Discovering the countryside. If you are overtaken at the next pitch a gasping cyclist who is without power on the road, but the appearance of Fitness, is that a Kick for your own happiness.

Without E-Bikes Haslers routes would be for most people, probably too demanding. But the current bikes that you can rent in the meantime, everywhere and anywhere make can also make untrained Cyclists travel easily and the same with different fitness levels in a group.

On the steep rise from Wyssachen to the top of the forest, it runs better than I thought, the support operates at the highest level and harmonizes well with the gear engaged.

Poetic route descriptions

a Little later, the reward for the vigorous use of the pedals: a long, exhilarating descent to Sumiswald follows. Paul Hasler, son of the author Eveline Hasler (“The wax wing-woman”), has found in his description of the Passage of beautiful words: “The departure belongs in the poetry album of every cyclists heart. A dance with hills and views, a rush of impressions.”

35 kilometers of the day-old stage are managed, the time, the batteries of man and machine charge. For example in the typical bear in Sumiswald with währschaftem mid-afternoon snack, and a battery charging station. For every E-Bike type, there are load service to all the heart of routes and loops; the remains end-to-end energy supply is guaranteed.

The next Passage up to the Lüderenalp has it. But the dramaturgy of the landscape compensated, in turn, plenty of for the effort. On-the-go Trachselwald castle beckons you to take a trip – a piece of jewelry from the 13. Century, with seductive views. The last Stage is partly down to the Ilfis again for an adrenaline kick, because now the curve joins on to the departure curve. The feet rest on the pedals; the Wind plucks the hair out of the helmet, and you can enjoy what is flying near and far from over.

Later, when the E-Bikes are in the station at the railway station, Langnau and you are sitting in the train, to sound the impressions – as a picture book, a wild piece of Switzerland.

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