Is it time to water it or is there still enough water? You must have already asked yourself this question when maintaining your garden. Indeed, each plant works differently and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate and know when is the right time to water them. To avoid wasting water or finding your soil too dry, you could equip yourself with a drip irrigation system.

Nevertheless, there is an inexpensive and natural alternative that is able to perform the function of a moisture indicator. Indeed, the pine cone is a fruit that can tell you the level of humidity in the soil of your garden. But how is this possible? And how to use this trick at home?

Femme Actuelle revealed the powers of the pine cone on your garden. In contact with excess humidity, this fruit closes in on itself to protect its seeds. Conversely, if the soil is too dry, the pine cone will open to disperse these same seeds. Thus, you can refer to the opening of the pine cone to know if your plants need water.

If you’re worried about the pine cone growing bacteria in your garden, rest assured. The latter is resistant to mold and fungus. For this indicator to work well, all you need to do is choose a pine cone that is free of dirt or residue. Then put it in the pot of your plant. If you see that the latter stays closed for a very long time, it could mean that you have a bad habit of watering your plants too often.

The pine cone can also be recycled in other stages of your garden maintenance. Indeed, you can also use it for your mulch or add it to the compost.