(Berlin) Honored at the Halle tournament, which he has won ten times, the Swiss Roger Federer paid tribute on Wednesday to Novak Djokovic, calling his record 23rd Grand Slam title obtained at Roland-Garros there “incredible”. at ten days.

“I think what Novak did is amazing,” Federer told the crowd. It’s a great time to be a tennis fan, but also a player. »

But Federer refused to take sides in the debate over the greatest player of all time, which is rocking the tennis world, saying it was “hard to say”.

“I asked a friend, which is more difficult: winning Wimbledon at 17 like Boris Becker or Roland-Garros at 36 like Novak? I don’t know,” he added.

Djokovic conquered his 23rd Grand Slam title in Paris, taking a step ahead of Rafael Nadal (22), his last active rival – although sidelined due to injury – and still pushing Federer away (20), 41, who has already retired.

A legend in his sport, Federer continues to receive accolades. The organizers of the Halle tournament awarded him an award for his achievements in western Germany. “The maestro” won ten titles there, including three without losing a single round (2004, 2008 and 2017), winning 69 games and losing only eight.