The rapid growth in the development of mobile phones and other gadgets has made the web development industry one of the most attractive fields. Businesses now need advanced apps to successfully run their trades. The current business environment requires one to have skilled personnel in order to beat the competition. That’s why being a developer is now one of the most beneficial jobs. If you need assured success in this sector, then you need to pass the Microsoft 70-486 exam. It is created for the web developers involved in designing web solutions. Let’s go deeper into this certification test by discussing its details and reasons why you need to pass it.

Overview of Microsoft 70-486 Exam

As a candidate preparing for this exam, you are expected to have a practical experience of 3 to 5 years using Microsoft ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2017 in designing and developing web-based solutions. The knowledge of Microsoft Azure Web Apps is also necessary.

Those who pass the Microsoft 70-486 test exam will receive theMCSA: Web Applications certificate. It is the third test that you should pass in order to earn this credential. The two required ones are Microsoft 70-480 or Microsoft 70-483.

The 70-486 certification exam is created to measure your mastery of various topics, including the following areas:

  • Design ofthe application architecture;
  • Design of the deployment infrastructure;
  • Designof the build infrastructure;
  • Design of UX;
  • Development of UX;
  • Troubleshooting and debugging of web-based apps;
  • Design and implementation of security.

There are about 40-60 questions inthe Microsoft 70-486 exam. The duration of the test is 2 hours as for all the MCSA tests. It consists of various types of questions that may include best answer, short answer, active screen, fill-in-the-blank, case studies, drag and drop, review screen, and multiplechoice. It is required at least 700 points to qualify for theMCSA: Web Applications credential. The students are required to pay the exam feethat is $165.

Required Experience for Microsoft70-486 Exam

You must be knowledgeable and skilled in specific technical areas if you are going to pass the Microsoft 70-486 exam. These areas include:

  • The principles of designing and developingweb apps in an ASP.NET MVC model;
  • Planning and development of interaction solutions for users based on requirements for business;
  • Hands-on experience in web applications software development lifecycle;
  • Knowledge of how to develop and deploy in multi-tier based environments that include Azure;
  • Design and development of asynchronous solutions.

Main Reasons to Pass Microsoft 70-486 Exam

As a web developer, you will be involved in building and implementing websites. Your tasks will include web designing, web-based content development, network security, and web publishing. You are going to use programming tools as well as write codes that will guide the functioning of websites. But why is the Microsoft 70-486 exam important to your career as a web development professional? Here’s why:

  1. Web developers are the most in-demand IT personnel today.
  2. Through the exam, you earn the certification that boosts your chances of getting a job with good perks. The developers experienced in .NET earn the average annual salaryof $95,500 as per ZipRecruiter.
  3. Microsoft, as a leading exam vendor, is popular for its unique approach that develops the professionals that the IT companies can rely on.
  4. With skills gained as you prepare for the Microsoft 70-486 exam, you can choose to be self-employed or work with a team.
  5. The exam develops your creativity in a way that you will be able to design apps from scratch.
  6. Skills obtained from preparing for the test give you enough flexibility as you can work from anywhere.
  7. Learning web development skills is fun and interesting.
  8. You become a reliable problem solver.
  9. Your experience and knowledge will never become obsolete as web development is the present and future of the IT industry.
  10. Passing the 70-486 test gives you an opportunity to pursue more advanced skills as it makes it possible for you to believe that you are capable of accomplishing big things.

Preparation for Microsoft 70-486 Exam

The need to thoroughly prepare for the 70-486 exam cannot be underestimated. Programming and web development isnot an easy field. It needs pure dedication from anyone wishing to become an expert in it. Microsoft 70-486 requires you to prepare well through studies and adopting a practical approach.

One of the best options is using a training course like the instructor-led one by Microsoft. It includes in-depth content coverage. For practical skills, you will have access to labs that enable you to practice what you are learning. This is definitely a great course worth investing your time and other resources.Another great wayto prepare is with study guides that focus on taking you through all the steps required to master the 70-486 topics and skills. The Exam Ref 70-486 guide is the best tool to use for your exam preparation. It helps you gain advanced experience and knowledge that enhances your status as a developer. Another best study resource for this Microsoft test is one you can access on the Exam-Labs website.

Besides taking the training courses and using study guides for your preparation, you also need to learn more about the exam through practice tests and video tutorials. Exam-Labs offers you an opportunity to become a successful developer by ensuring you are well-equipped for the actual exam. The 70-486 practice tests and tutorials reinforce learning, measure your knowledge level, diagnose your weak areas, and help you retrieve the information later when you need it. Practicing for your exam is important as it helps you focus on improving your weak spots as well as on learning the best way to answer questions.

These exam prep resources will help you attain the passing score in your Microsoft test if you utilize them correctly. Your readiness level at the end of the day will be determined by how you do your 70-486 preparation process. Winning is all about effort. Ensure to spend enough time during preparation and give it all of you.


There are a lot of benefits that come with passing the Microsoft 70-486 exam. It can take you a while to gain the skills but you will be thankful that you committed yourself to your goal. Web development is an important aspect of the IT industry. When you can demonstrate your abilities in this area, great things will always follow you. Employment, great salary offers, and promising career growth are some of the things that should push you to achieve your best in this ever-growing industry.