From everyday life in the editorial of the normal reader gets not much to do. The results of our work, he can read every day in the newspaper, but how it’s like to be behind-the-Scenes, remains hidden from him. We want to change that today, for once, and describe how this article came about. That was so: In one of our many conferences, in which we develop ideas and determine what is to come in the newspaper, said the editor the other day, in the section “My tip” that appears every week at this point, it is too often the excursions, most recently, for example, to Marburg, to the Great Feldberg, and in the Cuba cher crystal height. He, the editor, wishes for a change, something different, something Unconventional.

Peter Badenhop

sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Now, actually, we wanted to propose in our contribution on a trip. The article should be read with the song line, “we Make ‘a tour to the beautiful Ahr let’s drink Burgundy only, that is sun – clear” to start-but under these circumstances, we want to keep us, of course, to the requirements of the chief And that is why we have to break now a battle axe for our favorite series: “Vikings”!

This wonderfully unrealistic and unheard of bloody canadian-Irish Viking Saga does not fit at the moment just perfectly with the weather, it is also very entertaining and without the need for the “Game of Thrones” the usual Fantasy bells and whistles with elves, dragons and wizards. Roughly speaking, says “Vikings” in the meantime, 59 the story of the Northmen and their raids to follow, based on historical figures and events, but with no claim to scientific correctness. The first season came out in 2013, the most recent season with ten new episodes, there will be Amazon Prime Video.