August 15 falls on a Monday! A chance for August workers who will be able to take the opportunity to organize a 3-day weekend and visit one of our beautiful French cities to have the feeling, even temporarily, of being on vacation too.

However, at this time of year, finding an affordable destination can be a real headache. During long weekends, the trains are always full, between the outward journeys of some and the returns of others.

However, by digging a little bit it is always possible to find destinations at affordable prices. It is still necessary to book quickly because the good plans can go at full speed.

Buses from companies such as BlablaBus or Flixbus offer many routes with a wide choice of destinations in France. If the comfort is less compared to a train trip, the tickets are much cheaper and can therefore save interesting sums on weekends.

The main drawback with buses is usually the travel time. Indeed, for example, it takes at least 10 hours for a trip between Paris and Bayonne. For the more courageous, it may be smart to opt for an overnight journey which will allow you to sleep for a large part of the journey, even if the sleep will probably not be the most restorative.

However, the train still has significant advantages over the bus and it is possible to find interesting routes even in the middle of August. Discover 10 destinations for less than 120 euros for the weekend of August 15, 2022.