Lidl’s famous kitchen robot is back on the shelves of the low-cost brand this Thursday, August 4. As reported by Les Numériques, Lidl’s Silvercrest pastry robot is again on sale from the German brand for less than 50 euros. An unbeatable price compared to the kitchen robots offered by its competitors. For comparison, know that it is the Proline RP11 which displays the lowest price with a price of 70 euros. This therefore remains 20 euros more than the robot offered by Lidl from August 4. Accustomed to big commercial hits thanks to very competitive prices, Lidl is putting one of its bestsellers back on sale.

Despite its mini price of 49.99 euros, the Silvercrest multifunction robot seems to be very efficient and versatile since it comes with a traditional baking kit consisting of a whisk, a kneader and a flat beater. Thanks to a 5 liter bowl, you should therefore be able to make large culinary and pastry preparations. And so as not to dirty your kitchen with these large quantities, know that Silvercrest also offers an anti-splash lid which is supplied with the food processor in order to avoid any overflow.

“We still have doubts about the shape of the whip, which seems less ample than that of some competitors”, want to put Les Numériques into perspective. The whisk, however, has 8 speeds to adapt to the recipe you are making, but the power of the 650 watt robot is relatively low. It should also be noted that for such a low price, the Silvercrest pastry robot does not have a touch screen or a connected application, but it is difficult to fault it. For a budding cook who wants to learn about baking, it will still be a very good robot with all the basic features and a relatively unbeatable price-quality ratio.

If you want to get it, know that you will have to go to the store quickly since the discount supermarket site does not offer to get it by ordering online. Already put on sale at the beginning of the year by Lidl, stocks had at the time been sold out very quickly so you will have to be reactive.

Lidl is accustomed to strong business operations through unbeatably low-priced products. As a reminder, last July already, the German Discounter had launched a low-cost electric car accessible from 222 euros per month. In April, Lidl also launched a new cordless vacuum cleaner to compete with Dyson. Still sold under the Silvercrest brand, the household appliance had openly taken over all the codes of the famous Dyson vacuum cleaners, minus the price. Lidl’s wireless vacuum cleaner was indeed offered for less than 70 euros. In January, Lidl also decided to position itself in the electric bicycle market by selling its “Zündapp Z801” in certain European markets at a price of less than 1000 euros.