Next week, it will be necessary to prepare the mirrors, the fans and the swimming pools, because the heat wave will settle for a few days in France. Summer is coming and the nights will be particularly scorching next week, this will not be the time to put on the duvet. For some, the rise in temperatures will disturb sleep a little, as it could reach in some departments up to 25 degrees overnight from Wednesday July 13 to Thursday July 14, 2022.

Such heat explained, according to François Gourand, forecaster at Météo France, interviewed by the media Sud Ouest, because we have: “an Azores anticyclone in good shape which, basically, protects almost all of Western Europe . We are going to have a double effect of high pressures and this cold drop off the Iberian Peninsula which means that temperatures will gradually increase, day after day, next week” We will therefore have to expect episodes of very strong heat “, he warns.

It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant during this period of high temperatures because the thermometer will rise very quickly and will not drop significantly at night. Make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. According to data from Météo France, the nights from Wednesday July 13 until Saturday July 17, 2022 will be very hot. Not all departments will be affected, but many of them will reach 23 degrees, so here are the forecasts from Météo France, for Wednesday July 13, 2022, department by department.