The Eu president, Donald Tusk, the letter from the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, with a request for a postponement of the Brexit is received. That, he said on Twitter.

“I’m going to be the leaders of the EU, to determine how we will react,” said Tusk.Tusk and Johnson did Saturday night in a phone interview. The Eu president, will the European leaders be consulted. That is, it would take a few days.

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According to the BBC, would be Johnson, the letter does not have to be signed. There were also two other documents, the letter added: “the text of Johnson, in which he argues that the extension of the brexit, an error would be the addition of Tim Barrow, who is in London with a presence in Brussels, in which he expressly states that in the letter, the results of the vote by British mps on Saturday.

now, The parliament decided on Saturday to take the final vote on the echtscheidingsakkoord by the European Union to be set up. On the twelfth day of the British departure on the 31st of October, this maneuver is a great opdoffer to premier Harris.

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as The conservatives do, however, “fearless” due to his plan to make the United Kingdom a day with the agreement of the EU to catch up, and at first refused a postponement of the Brexit request. The opposition has claimed, however, that Johnson is the Good Act of respect, and a letter with a request for extension to Brussels with us. It was, so I did.

More about Brexit, That was, like Johnson, it is hoped Kafkaiaans: Boris, Johnson, demands however, the postponement of the EU … but also in order not to allow the “Million people on the streets and against Brexit” Boris Johnson: being humiliated, forced to Brexit-a postponement to ask for