Thunder rumbles. A stormy degradation is expected this Friday April 21, 2023 in the evening, particularly in the south-west of the country. According to the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo, “these intense storms will cause sustained gusts of up to 100 km / h, hail and sleet in places and accumulations of 20 to 30 mm locally”.

Bad weather could be particularly severe at night, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The forecaster announces “sustained gusts (…) especially under the most powerful storm cells (90 to 100 km / h)” and “falls of hail or sleet”. As a reminder, Météo France indicates that we can speak of a storm when the depression “generates gusts greater than 90km / h”.

Thus, Météo France has placed several departments on storm yellow alert, which you can find in our slideshow below, but also on violent wind yellow alert. Here are the ones where the gusts will be particularly important:

There are also a few departments with yellow avalanche vigilance, namely: