What’s the must-watch on Disney, Apple TV, and Prime Video? Here are some ideas.

Secret Invasion is off to a great start. The sequel will be decisive, because the plot is only barely revealed for the moment. It would be surprising if a major tone-break occurred, so it’s safe to say that this is the MCU’s most serious and darkest series yet. There is tension and action. The special effects are successful. The enormous talent of the actors is put to good use. Scenes between Samuel L. Jackson and Olivia Colman, Ben Mendelsohn and then Don Cheadle are already some of the finest moments of “pure cinema” in the MCU.

This excellent dark and anxiety-provoking thriller, less violent than The Last of Us, slowly bewitches you and grabs you by its story as suffocating as it is breathtaking. Silo features veteran actors like Game of Thrones’ Tim Robbins, Rashida Jones, and Ser Jorah Mormont (that’s Iain Glen). This science fiction series has the budget of its ambitions and the subjects it tackles stick to current realities such as the use of artificial intelligence to deceive the public, the control of women’s bodies, the revolt against the elites , in short, there is fleshy substance to furnish a few seasons.

It’s always a little strange to see Americans translate a French story according to their narrative codes, but once our adaptation is done as a spectator, Chevalier has good times in store. The journey of this little-known character, magnificently inhabited by Kelvin Harrison Jr., also reminds us how much difference always struggles to be part of great history.

The enormous success of Avatar is largely attributable to the singular 3D experience it offered in cinema. This second part is even more impressive in this regard. Every shot, every detail, every facial expression, every flying insect, every particle suspended in the water is incredibly realistic. If we let ourselves go, it is possible to believe that this largely digitally created universe does indeed exist.

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie proves gripping, especially when the actor discusses Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease that has plagued him for nearly 25 years. He recounts in particular the first time he detected his signs, the day after a drunken trip to Florida, in 1990. Michael J. Fox, then in his late twenties and immensely popular, noticed his little finger quivering involuntarily…

This miniseries is surprisingly poignant. Surprisingly because it reveals aspects of the career of the former model that we were far from suspecting, given her appearance as a beauty queen. But behind his smile hide many dramas.

In Greek Salad, presented on Prime Video, we follow the children of Xavier (Romain Duris) and Wendy (Kelly Reilly) who are Tom (played by Quebecer Aliocha Schneider) and Mia (Megan Northam). Even if the episodes are uneven, we have a good time with this youth where everything is possible… or almost.

The TV adaptation of Daisy Jones