The American electronics group Apple has startled on Wednesday after the market close, the industry and the financial markets with an unusual and very significant correction to its revenue forecast for the just ended quarter. That Apple has revised its own forecast downwards, is very rare, the company was in the past rather known, with a view to the future deep zustapeln. After the announcement on Wednesday, the share price of Apple was initially suspended from trading. After the resumption of trading, it lost temporarily, around seven per cent in value.

Roland Lindner

economic correspondent in New York.

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Apple now for the last three months, sales of 84 billion dollars. At the time of submission of its most recent annual figures in November, the group had said still between 89 billion to 93 billion dollars previously. The was seen as a disappointment, as it would have meant no significant growth compared to the previous year’s value of 88,3 billion dollars. It was announced that the correction of the forecast means that the long time success spoiled the group has suffered a significant decline in sales.

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CEO Tim Cook made in a letter to investors, in particular, an economic slowdown in the emerging regions of the world, which have had a more significant impact than expected. This is true especially for China, a market that has become for Apple in the past few years, becoming more and more important. There have weakened the economy in the second half of 2018, and Apple is of the opinion that the current trade conflict with the United States have clouded the situation further. A “climate of uncertainty” had affected first of all on the financial markets and seem to be felt now by consumers. The number of visitors in Apple stores and in stores of retail partners has decreased in the course of the quarter.

the Afterlife of China to Apple, however, that the business with the iPhone have also been developed in industrialised countries as well as hoped. The number of “Upgrades”, so the sales of the new iPhones, which allow customers to replace older models, not be as strong as previously seen, where Cook pointed out that Apple is expected in countries such as the United States and Germany by record sales. The Apple CEO led a number of possible explanations, all of which have to do with prices. For example, that consumers adapt “to a world with fewer subsidies from mobile operators”, or that you can, than to buy a new device, replace the batteries. Also, currency-related price increases, he cited as a possible reason. To mention he was doing, however, is that Apple has taken beyond the General factors in the past few years, more and more of a high-price strategy for iPhone. For example, with the super-expensive models like the iPhone X or iPhone XS. The top model iPhone XS Max in its most expensive variant in Germany 1649 Euro.