Cooking in an original way is possible! Thanks to the pickle water, the flavor of the dishes is accentuated. But what is a pickle?

From the Cucurbitaceae family, this green vegetable is a variety of cucumber… Picked when it is still young, explains Le Journal des Femmes. Appeared in the 16th century, its consumption is done in particular with condiments such as salt and vinegar.

Many varieties have been wiped out by disease. Thus becoming a typical French food, grown mainly in the South-West region, in Sologne, in the north of Burgundy or in Vendée. We find on our plates mainly the “green of Paris” variety.

Mostly preserved in vinegar after being washed, brushed, drained and finally immersed in brine, this strange vegetable is usually preserved in jars. Surrounded by flavored white vinegar, it keeps for a long time, thanks to the pasteurization process.

And precisely, this water… What to do with it once the food is devoured? Most of the time, it is dumped in the sink. However, the exploitation of this water for various tasks is quite possible…

The slideshow below summarizes the different uses of pickle water, according to and PositivR. It is better that the pickles are grown and produced in France in an organic way to ensure quality water. According to Current Woman, 90% of these foodstuffs sold in shops come from Indian and not French agriculture.