Like every summer, cycling enthusiasts wet their jerseys during the Tour de France. For the best and sometimes laughter. This is what viewers of Vélo Club could see this Sunday July 10 in front of their television on France 2.

On the occasion of the ninth stage of the race between Aigle and Chatel, it was in the city of arrival that the program presented by Matthieu Lartot was the scene of an unusual fall. While former runner and consultant Yoann Offredo answered the host’s questions, an ATV enthusiast stole the show by falling from his vehicle. As can be seen in the excerpt below (and captured in the illustrative image of the article), the individual fell heavily from his bicycle after jumping from a springboard (located to the right of the screen).

A bad reception for the young cyclist, climbing the slope just after his fall behind journalist Marion Rousse, who could have gone unnoticed. It is obviously very bad to know the Internet users who have had a field day on Twitter. Certain details did not escape their eyes, such as the undisguised laughter of presenter Matthieu Lartot in front of this scene.

“I scream, the chad behind who makes a memorable fall and Matthieu Lartot who is laughing”, “Magnificent this downhill mountain bike stunt in the background of Yoann Offredo on Vélo Club. The French Federation of Lose it seems present in Chatel”, or even “It shows me how he will soberly get his bike back”, they joked on social networks.

A fall without serious consequences for the mountain biker who got up unscathed from his misadventure. “The cyclist does not seem too badly damaged in any case in the following images”, notes this Internet user on Twitter. However, even the most seasoned of athletes, you are never safe from a mishap during the Tour de France.