Hasselt –

the University of Hasselt, professor of Lode Vereeck (54, photo) is fired for inappropriate behavior. There is a special level in the professional relationship that he has with his students, us. Vereeck, we can do to appeal the decision.

the Lode Vereeck, in addition to be a pro is also a politician for Open VLD, it came in a speech in October of 2018, just before the last election. The university was, at that moment, a quartet of symptoms of the (phd)students in the province public prosecutor. According to the ex-students and staff-there was a question of verbal behaviour. For example, the professor is too bold behavior on social media and whatsapp for messaging. After investigation, the public prosecutor to refer the matter to the criminal law to be set aside. According to the Public prosecution service had insufficient evidence.

the Self-conducted university college for the past few months, tuchtonderzoek. Now that it has been completed, it was decided that the economieprofessor time to time. For the university, Vereecks a way to communicate clearly is not. It would also include condescending remarks about a co-worker had been. The breach of trust between unief, and as a pro, is also significant.