Universal national service was one of the campaign promises of Emmanuel Macron, who wanted to see a rebirth of military service. Nevertheless, it is in a new form that the latter reappears. The aim of which is to “bring republican values ​​and principles to life, strengthen national cohesion, develop a culture of commitment, support social and professional integration”, as the official website of the French public service tells us, that is UNS really? What are the new announcements made by Sarah El Haïry? Find all the new information relating to the universal national service in our slideshow available below.

We can read on the public service website that the universal national service is divided into two distinct phases. The first is the culmination of the citizen journey. The latter taking place from primary school to college, the SNU will take place around the age of 16 and for a maximum of one month. “The various issues related to the Nation, the State, the national anthem and symbols, the French language, but also the issues of participation in democratic life, equality between women and men, ecological transition and solidarity – whether national or international – are addressed in a concrete way throughout the cohesion stays”, according to the public service.

The second phase of the UNS aims to continue a period of voluntary commitment. This would last three months, at least, and will be linked to “defence and security (voluntary commitment in the armies, police, gendarmerie, firefighters, civil security, operational reserves), support of people, the preservation of heritage or the environment, tutoring”.

What are the new announcements regarding the SNU? How will it work from March 2023? The answers in our slideshow below.