The Flemish government, the tables, the budgetary figures will be released. At 2024, the government of prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) from 2.2 billion euros in cost-cutting measures: the child benefit, in welfare, in the target groups and on the functioning of the government. However, it will be in 2020 and still have a deficit of 436 million. As of 2021, there is a balance, and against a bid for the 2024 games, an excess of € 75 million.

the , The new Flemish government has announced in last week what they have in Flanders over the next five years will drive it. During the septemberverklaring (in October), said that the prime minister, Jan Jambon (N-VA), for example, is heavy to spend it in, say, well-being, and Education.

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the , But the savings that they wanted to make, the new governing coalition, many zwijgzamer. The members of the parliament were not even the numbers can be seen. Much to the dismay of the opposition, which on Friday refused to bring up the “useless” the debate over the regeerverklaring of Ham in the Flemish Parliament and the country.

of 2.2 billion euros of savings to achieve a surplus of 75 million (for a bid for the 2024 games

not Until Monday afternoon, all of the members of the Flemish Parliament, the begrotingstabellen of the new minister of Finance and the Budget, and Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) in the email. Just in time for the start of the debate, and the government — Ham and be there Tuesday, will be run by committee.

From these figures it appears that in the Flemish government in 2020, for a total of 436 million euros in the red. As of 2021, there is a balanced budget, and against a bid for the 2024 games to show in the figures, a slight excess of about 75 million euros of cost savings of more than € 2.2 billion.

The Flemish government and is going for 1.65 billion of additional investment. For example, against a bid for the 2024 games more than 350 million euros of the jobbonus for those on the lowest incomes, out of work, there is a 270 million euro for the budget for people with disabilities, with a 250 million euro to the education and 250 million euros for Research and Development (R&d).

However, these investments are more than 2.2 billion euros in cost-cutting measures. Claim the lion’s share, and more than 660 million euro bid for the 2024 games, should the in-house operation will come. The non-indexation of working capital, weighs in addition to. In 2020, it’s going to be that ‘only’ 44 million, but that in 2024, it adds up to more than 256 million euros. A single cut in the subsidies, should be 179 million results. And, the savings to the private members of the public service should bid for the 2024 games, almost 75 million results.

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in Addition to the savings in their own operations, for 625 million euros of tax reforms are being introduced. It’s mainly for the phase-out woonbonus. In 2020, which is much talked about surgery, yet nothing in the budget for it, but in a bid for the 2024 games is going to be a total of nearly 328 million, respectively. The offsetting decrease in the fees from 7 to 6 per cent the price again to 140 million euros.

in Addition to “attenuating growth paths” for almost 380 million euros in results. That includes 100 million euros of cost savings in the secondary education, as well as the non-indexing of the benefits. That is the last surgery should be in 2024, with 107 million results. The profit is mainly made by the leeftijdstoeslagen, and the amount of the third child of five years, to be indexed.

Exemption from employer’s contributions:

finally, there are a series of so-called “one-off” measures are good for the 600 million euro cost-cutting measures. That is, for example, the reform of the policy for target groups and, in particular, the increase in the exemption of the employer from a 55 to a 58-year-old. That reform, together with the tightening of the access to the loopbaancheques) of 226 million euros, to pose in a bid for the 2024 games.

the Other one-off interventions, the increase in the kilomterheffing for heavy duty vehicles (euro 63 million) in savings by the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (41.6 million euros), with a cut in the subsidies in the Economy as a whole (73 million euros) of savings in the pedagogical counselling services and the CLBS (pupil guidance centres (eur 11 million).

the Opposition to do the same with the focus:

in the SP.A deputy Conner], Which is in the first comment critically on the numbers. “They confirm what we have feared: that there will be cost savings on the kids, and the waiting lists for care will be longer and buying a house has become more expensive,” says Rousseau. “There is no black and white. Now we know why the government has the numbers in the last few days it has been kept back.”

the Vlaams belang shows that it is not satisfied. The figures will confirm to the opposition that there is a real shift in the Flemish policy there is no question. “The practice operates the government’s-Ham, I have the same strategy as its predecessor, is to place the numbers in order to get the savings, make particular to their own organisation, education and other publicly funded services on the one hand, and the implementation of a range of indirect tax increases, on the other hand.” According to the Vlaams belang is the hard-working Fleming’s cold packed”.

“We had a right to see the numbers behind the agreement is to ask questions,” says Green party leader Björn Rzoska, as a first response. “After all, it is clear that the numbers of the well-nieuwsshow over the past week to no avail get.”

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Even from a non-political angle, have attracted fierce criticism. As promised, the socialist trade union with a “strong reaction” to the cuts by the government. The Gezinsbond shows that it is not happy with it. According to the organisation, the numbers in the agreements.

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