The Man convicted of the repeated rape of sleeping girlfriend, couple, now married


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A forty-something from the Director on Wednesday convicted and sentenced because of his girlfriend on several occasions and had raped her in her sleep. In 2014 there was the couple with relationship problems with the wife due to health problems, not in need of sex. Her boyfriend was abusing the fact that his girlfriend is the heavy use sleeping pills, and while in her deep sleep, abused her several times.

During the trial, said the accused that he had not thought that he was doing wrong and thought, ” that’s his girlfriend, there was, however, agreed to be part of it. The woman told me that although they are shocked when they in the morning, discovered that her boyfriend had done, but they turned out to be called in to put down because they can not fight want. During that period, she also regularly blows of the accused.

The woman introduced herself, in the end, the civil party, because of the relationship problems in in its now fully resolved. The two have been together, even as a child. “He is right, of therapy, that he will no longer do so”, he said it.

finally, The accused emphasized that his mistake had been realised, and that it is possible to support its share of problems. The judge gave him another chance and put him in a prison sentence of twelve months and are linked to the probatievoorwaarden. The Harelbekenaar for five years, his civil rights will be lost.