Deinze –

the Two young riders in Deinze, in the night from Friday to Saturday, around 23: 30 pm, was hit after a crash in the Market.

The accident happened when a 21-year-old moped rider in the Market is cranked up, coming out of the Congoplein (the fountain), and the direction of drive is drove. According to witnesses, when the police drove by at high speed. At the height of the KBC bank, in an area of the Market where there are only one-way communication is permitted between the Tolpoortbrug the roundabout in the middle of the Market, the motorcycle driver in the accident with the motorcycle, a 17-year-old driver, whose scooter was parked at the bank, and who, at that time, the Market wanted to drive.

The blow was very violent, and the two motorcycle riders were seriously injured. They were taken to a hospital in Deinze. The 21-year-old man was later went to the Mary-Middelaresziekenhuis is being transmitted.

The police arrived at the scene and will now be used to determine which offences have been committed. Two board members presented a negative breath test and was, at the time of the event, therefore, is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.