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Twitter has entered into negotiations for the acquisition of TikTok, the social network of fashion in the U.S. and the Government of Donald Trump considered to be a threat to the national security of the country.

The application is the property of ByteDance , a technological china with headquarters in Beijing, and, like the rest of the social networks, collect personal data of users. Within the escalation of tensions with China, which includes sanctions of reciprocal and attacks to the technology of the asian giant, Trump announced last month that it would veto to TikTok in the U.S. Later, he admitted that it would sell its operations in the country to an american company.

From the beginning, the favorite to stay with TikTok is Microsoft, a technology giant that the operation would make him competitive in the sector of the social networks-would rival Facebook or YouTube – and connect with the younger audience that has been captivated by TikTok. Microsoft made public its interest in the chinese social networking site at the beginning of the month and its ceo Saya Nadella, has spoken of the operation with Trump, who at first did not see with good eyes and then went on to admit it as a possibility. The intention of Microsoft is to acquire the operations of TikTok also in Canada, Australia and New Zealand .

The interest of Twitter by TikTok, revealed by The Wall Street Journal”, is only preliminary, and it is far from time that is put into an acquisition. Microsoft is a company of much larger size and has more financial muscle to close a transaction of this type, which involves to be done with close to a hundred million users that have TikTok in the U.S. Twitter is coming of losses d e 1.230 million dollar in the last quarter. Its advantage, however, is that, unlike Microsoft, does not operate in China -their platform is there censored-, what you can give him an advantage with the vision militant of the Administration Trump with the communist regime.

The company is the favorite platform of Trump to spread their message -was instrumental in his electoral victory in 2016-but in recent months the president has been critical of the social network by tagging some of your messages as content misleading.

Another problem with the operation is the requirement of Trump that has a “toll” to the public coffers of the US, announced last week, when he said that a amount is “substantial” the acquisition will correspond to the U.S. Treasury The other obstacle are the executive orders that the president signed few days ago against TikTok and another technological platform in china, WeChat. In them, establishes the prohibition of transactions on the part of individuals or property under the jurisdiction of the USA with none of the two companies. The order, which will come into force in September, has a wording very vague and not clear how it will affect the operations of both companies and their interests in the U.S. WeChat, for example, has investments in local companies.

on the other hand, Twitter you will need to negotiate against the clock both with TikTok as with the U.S. Government: Trump has established that the term for the social network in china to sell their operations or closing is the 15th of September.

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