Because of the allegedly planned terrorist attacks on exile-Iranians in France and Denmark, the EU has imposed new sanctions against Tehran. The punitive measures are directed against two individuals and an organization, to be behind the plans, as the German press Agency in Brussels on Tuesday, EU diplomats learned. The Danish foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen wrote in the short message service Twitter of sanctions against the Iranian secret service.

In July, two Suspects were in Belgium because of an alleged planned terrorist attack on a gathering of 25,000 Iranians in exile in France. At the end of September was thwarted, according to the Danish domestic intelligence service, an attack on a group in Denmark, PET also live Iranians working for the independence of the Iranian Region around the city of Ahwas,. In both cases, European investigators made the Iranian intelligence service responsible. Tehran denied this.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen wrote on Twitter that the new sanctions were very encouraging. “The EU stands together – such actions are unacceptable and must have consequences,” he wrote with a view to the alleged attack plans.

The relations between the EU and Tehran after the American withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran in the past year, already fragile. In 2015, the UN veto powers, Germany and Iran had stocks of controlled reduction of the Iranian Uranium in return for easing agreed to Western sanctions. The United States had withdrawn in the past year, however, the agreements, and should do more for old sanctions against Tehran; the EU is trying to save the agreement.