Trump opposes in Michigan, the mask duty


Visit to Ford factory – Trump opposes in Michigan, the mask pflichtdie Minister of justice of the state of Michigan has informed the US President ahead of his visit to the Ford factory explicitly to the mask mandatory in your state. To take care of it, Donald Trump does not.0 comment purely Hand instead of in your face: U.S. President Donald Trump at a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. (21. May 2020)Keystone/Alex Brando car builders produced during the Corona-pandemic respirators and protective clothing.Keystone/Alex Brandon trump is looking through a face shield.Keystone/Daniel Mears”I don’t want to make the press the joy to see me with a mask of US President, Trump in front of representatives of the media at Ford.Keystone/Alex BrandonEr had been tested for the Virus, which is why he had to wear a mask, according to the President.Keystone/Alex BrandonAuf a previous part of the Factory tour he had worn a mask, he said.Keystone/Alex Brando nThe Ford Manager hung just wear a face mask.Keystone/Alex BrandonUS-President Donald Trump on the way to Michigan.Keystone/Alex Brandon1 / 8

U.S. President Donald Trump has worn during a visit to a factory in the U.S. state of Michigan at times, again, no protective mask – despite a specific request from Michigan’s Minister of justice, Dana Nessel. Television images showed, as Trump visited on Thursday the Ford factory in Ypsilanti, where the car maker ventilators in the Corona-crisis making. Nettle had advised Trump in an open letter to the fact that the Wearing of a protective mask in Michigan is currently mandatory. The same is true for the President of the United States, she wrote.

Trump told journalists that he had worn on a previous part of the Factory tour, a mask, “but I didn’t want to make the press the joy to see that.” Trump showed a mask he had worn to his information. He stressed that he himself and all around him had been tested for the Virus, which is why he had to wear a mask. Him, not had been told, in that part of the factory, in which he spoke with journalists, a mask is necessary. Ford’s Manager, who accompanied Trump, wore, however, a mask.

hives informed after the visit on Twitter, Trump had refused, despite several requests, to wear a mask. The President was not taking care of the safety of the people in Michigan. Ford announced that CEO Bill Ford have encouraged Trump at his arrival “”, the use of a protective mask. In the case of a part of the visit, the President had worn a mask, but for the Rest of the visit stored.

The policies of the White house that a mask should be worn if the Comply with the safety distance is not guaranteed. Trump, however, had already said at the launch of the guidelines, he is not going to keep to the recommendation.

US not

U.S. President Donald Trump wants the US not to throw in the case of a second wave of Coronavirus infections back strict measures to curb under close. In this case, “we will delete the fire, we will not close the country,” Trump said during a visit to more. “Whether it’s a glow or a flame, we’ll delete it.” Trump urged governors, and once again, the protective measures to loosen in their States so that the U.S. economy is gaining momentum again. to protect

“the health of our population, we need a functioning economy,” said Trump. “Certain governors should be more than you are.” Trump was again convinced that the US economy will recover by the fourth quarter. “We will have next year an incredible year.” He added: “This country is facing an epic Comeback.”

Trump wants to campaign events

Trump wants to advertise, in spite of the persistent Corona epidemic with mass events for his re-election. “We need to get back to the rallies,” said Trump. “I think it is more likely to happen sooner than later.” The Republicans in the national polls and in some hotly contested States such as Michigan behind his democratic rival, Joe Biden. The ballot is for the 3. November recognized.

An employee of trump’s campaign team, according to currently, such as large events, in spite of the pandemic held will be weighed can be. “It is clear that he can’t wait for the rallies to resume,” he said. Discussed drive-in theatres had been, for example, as a venue. For the middle of June, the first dates were sought, preferably in competitive States such as Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


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