Donald Trump has no copyright, if he insists, the United States should hang on to its role as the world’s policeman on the nail. His predecessor in the presidency, Barack Obama saw this role with a growing skepticism. You can understand why: a Lot of friends have not made the United States. From the one hand, they are criticized because they are too much, others because they are too little to do. In the breach, no one wants to jump anyway. Order pins is expensive, ties up resources and is dangerous. Success is not always measurable, for its own losses hurt all the more.

However, Trump has not (quite) right. Because it is not so, as do only other a Favor; they are always the ones that deceive the United States, militarily, politically, or otherwise in the world, the loads. It will even give European allies, who want to engage in Syria, in Iraq and Afghanistan in one way or another, including Germany. If America is the “world’s policeman” was, then, above all, because it was in his best interest, and not because it is good-natured, easy-to-over-ear-to-hewn super power of the world-Caritas wanted to be. So it is not. There are consequences if the United States, are to deduct, for example, from Syria and help others to monopolize the field, especially those that their geopolitical opponents. It is in your best interest? America is so big, if it is in retreat mode?