thousands of apprentices in Germany’s hospitals get from 1. January, by a collective agreement for the first time, a remuneration. “Affected jobbten so far, in the evening or on weekends in order to earn something, or is indebted to the training,” said the Chairman of the services Union Verdi, Frank Bsirske, the German press Agency in Berlin.

“Now have shared with the trainees a jump made from Zero to 965 euros in the first year of training, 1025 in the second year, and 1122 in the third year,” Bsirske. Verdi had negotiated with the tariff community of German Länder (TdL) and the Association of municipal employers ‘ associations (VKA). Are affected, according to the Union, around 1800 trainees at University hospitals and 1700 at the local hospitals.

In the case of the Affected are aspiring diet assistants, occupational therapists, Speech therapists and speech therapists, medical technical assistants, and Orthoptists, the patients with certain diseases of the eye, care. These trainees were predominantly women.

“Some of the students received Bafög, other, nothing”

Previously these young people had, according to Verdi, no training compensation. “Some of the students-student loans, others nothing at all,” said Bsirske.

The Verdi-chief of the collective agreement, stirring her reported, from an Initiative of the trainees, several University hospitals. “Several hundred apprentices, Teenagers for the most part, have occurred in Verdi, have established a tariff Commission and with the us negotiations with the States and municipalities started.”