Ibbenbüren in münsterland: mine worker dies in underground – two weeks after closure


    came Two weeks after the closure of the Ibbenbüren mine in the mine in the münsterland, a worker underground and killed. The operator group RAG, announced on Monday evening. Earlier, several media reported. The accident happened on Monday morning. The Dead man was a 29-year-old employees. He was trapped, according to initial findings in a so-called air door and suffered fatal injuries. The industrial mechanic, had been employed since 2006 on the mine. The investigations of the Supervisory authorities is still ongoing.

    The coal mine in Ibbenbüren on the edge of the münsterland, was Germany’s most northerly coal mine and made prior to two weeks ago. This year, over 800 miners had dug up more than 800,000 tons of anthracite coal. The coal is burned in its coal-fired power plant for electricity generation.

    After the end of the active promotion of the machines from underground to the surface managed. The completion of work usually last about a year. With the closure of the coal mine Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop is on 21. In December, the German coal mining industry set to final.