The Japanese manufacturer Toyota recently unveiled the main lines of its battery development strategy as well as related technologies to increase the range of its electric vehicles. We target no more no less a maximum autonomy exceeding 1000 km.

The automotive giant also wants to become more competitive with other major manufacturers who are making more ambitious planned electric transitions. From 2026, Toyota estimates that it will be able to launch a new generation of batteries that will increase autonomy by 200% compared to its current bZ4x while reducing construction costs by 20%. The crossover, the only electric model offered by Toyota in Canada, has a maximum range of 406 km. This new battery would therefore push the range to 1218 km.

The schedule also targets the start of production in 2027 of the first solid electrolyte batteries, which will increase the autonomy of the larger capacity batteries launched in 2026 by an additional 20% while ensuring an estimated 10% to 80% recharge in 10 minutes. If everything goes according to plan, it looks very promising.