Toronto is still the costliest city in Canada, according to the results of a survey by consulting firm Mercer, which looked at the cost of living in 227 cities on five continents.

Landing in 90th place in the annual ranking of the company specializing in the world of work, Toronto remained, for the second consecutive year, more expensive than Vancouver, which for its part landed in 116th place in the ranking.

The cities of Montreal and Ottawa achieved an essentially identical result, grabbing 135th and 137th place on the list, respectively. The fifth and last ranked Canadian city, Calgary, was ranked 145th.

Canadian cities are among the least expensive in North America, Mercer noted in a statement, and they all fell slightly in the rankings from last year’s survey.

The cities of New York (6th), Los Angeles (11th) and San Francisco (14th) are the three costliest North American cities, according to Mercer, who said that all cities in the United States have gained ranks in the rankings since last year.

The costliest city in the world is Hong Kong, according to Mercer’s survey. The second place is occupied by Singapore, while three Swiss cities close the “top five”, namely Zurich, Geneva and Basel, in order.

“Despite inflationary pressures affecting the country’s overall quality of life, Canada remains an attractive destination for remote workers,” Mercer Canada Senior Career Advisor Nicole Stewart said in a statement Wednesday.

“Because of the great flexibility that remote work brings, many employees are re-prioritizing and reconsidering where they want to work and live. »

Mercer annually looks at the cost of living of major cities around the world to provide a benchmark for organizations whose operations include pan-Canadian and international assignments.