Today is the start of the world cup of rugby: the All Blacks have to be so untouchable?


every Friday at 12h45 cet will go into a sell-out the Tokyo Stage of the world cup of rugby from the start with the opener between the host nation, Japan, and Russia. It will be an open world championships, as the ever-to-be might of defending champions New Zealand for the first time in a few years, not so safe.

But we are talking about New Zealand, first things first . The host country Japan Friday afternoon for the honor of being the four-yearly event of the game to open up against Russia. Mathias Rondou, Director of Rugby, and in Flanders, you may expect a lot of People. “Japan has a well-established team. As a team, with a lot of speed and movement. A combination of spontaneous Japanese, and a number of a strong islanders. I don’t see them, however, have a very good world cup games.” If Japan is not to be underestimated, it is proven to be four years ago at the world cup in England. As surprised by the Brave Blossoms , as the all-powerful South Africa. The stunt in the world, with the Miracle of london. “Japan has a very rich rugbytraditie. With the world cup, there is really. The stadiums are going to in the next few weeks to fill up. I will spend ten days in Japan, but it wasn’t easy to get to, the tickets for the group stage to get to the hotel,” says Rondou.

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The openingsmatch against Russia, it would certainly not be a problem to find. “From the opponent is Russia, I don’t expect too much. They were introduced in the European kwalificatiecampagne only third, behind Spain and Romania, but that is because those countries are not speelgerechtigde the players have been, it was ultimately Russia’s revived. In Japan, it would have been openingsmatch for their own people, so they should be able to win.”

current winner of New Zealand appears to be vulnerable

The big number one favourite for the stage win is of course again to New Zealand. The reason is, if you get to the last two world CHAMPIONSHIPS (2011 and 2015) and an impressive way to win, and in pretty much every game for the opposition to get powdery. When the All Blacks last year, at the end of August, rival Australia 40-12-pandoering gave was the headline in the New Zealand Herald, all of the over-confident, “Just give us the World Cup now.” Logically, given that New Zealand has no fewer than 30 of their 33 matches have won since the final of the world cup in 2015. But in the past few months, there were still a few cracks in the armour of the All Blacks. At the end of last year and lost to the New Zealanders surprisingly, in the republic of Ireland. That it is not a one-time event, the course proved as New Zealand this summer is not over for South Africa’s (16-16) fell, and then, with a painful and 47-26 at the ears of the australian outback.

Photo: AFP < / p> “Loss, that is, they are not just in New Zealand,” said Mathias Rondou. “This defeat came as a surprise to any doubts or worries. But, make no mistake about it: New Zealand has a very strong team with tons of experience. There are internationals around, with more than 100 caps. Their captain Kieran Read is a great player. And then there are the three brothers, London: Beauden, Jordie, and on the team.” New Zealand should be right at the tank. Their first groepsmatch on Saturday at 11: 45am), it is right up against the Southern African sub-region. “The final avant-la-lettre. I expected it to be very, very, very close it will be.”

According to director of Rugby, in Flanders, in addition to New Zealand, and South Africa are some of the other candidates in the race. “I think so, especially in the uk. After a disappointing world cup in their own country four years ago, that is in the world. That team seems to be very excited. Further, also in Australia, Argentina, the best we will do. I think we have to have an open championship to go with an attractive game. A lot of men at the front will be close and will be decided by the strength of the defense.”

Where to look?

The world cup will take place in Japan, so almost all of the matches take place in the morning and the afternoon (Belgian time). The matches in the group stages, will have to look at the French TF1. As of the knock-out stages, you can go to Play Sports by my provider. In the final, will be made by Telenet on an open channel is to be transmitted. Rugby in Flanders organises a range of initiatives during the world cup, and more information is on their web site.

the world cup groups

Group A


in Scotland.


in Russia.


Group B

New Zealand.

South Africa.

in Italy.

in Namibia.

in Canada.

Group C

in England.

in France.

in Argentina.

in the USA

br> Tonga.

Group D


in Wales.




you can click here to See the complete schedule.

< / i>, The first two teams of each group proceed to the quarter-finals, which is the 19th of October, in the next game. The final will be on Saturday the 2nd of november.


the New Zealand = All Blacks.

Australia = Wallabies.

Fiji = Bati

in Tonga, = Ikale Tahi, The Sea Eagles.

in Japan, = the Brave Blossoms.

Namibia is = Weltitschias.

in South Africa, = Springboks.

Uruguay – = Los Teros).

Argentina,= Los-Pumas.

Russia = The fountain of youth.

in Georgia, = ” The Lelos.

France’s Les Bleus.

Italy’s =Gli Azzurri

of the USA =The Eagles.

in England =the Red Roses.

in Canada,=Canucks.

Wales = Dragon.

Ireland,= /).

in Scotland, a = /