A few suggestions for shows to discover as part of the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Here, capitals would be required for each letter of the word “event”. We still pinch ourselves, to be honest, to finally have the opportunity to hear Alison Krauss and Robert Plant sing together in the flesh. Expectations are high as their two records, Raising Sand and Raise the Roof, testify to a perfect musical understanding. Expectations are high, then, but we’re not even crossing our fingers: it can only be high.

In 2019, Félix Petit won with Vincent Roberge the Félix for arrangements of the year for La nuit est une panthère des Louanges, one of the most significant pop records of the last decade. HELP, the first album of his solo project FELP, however, has nothing pop, and everything from the work of an insatiable researcher, who draws on IDM, acid jazz and hip-hop at the same time. hop, with in addition a sax not disdaining some free momentum. His friends Klô Pelgag, Laurence-Anne, Hubert Lenoir and Greg Beaudin have already confirmed their presence at the party.

Hallelujah! He is back. Not really jazz, you will rightly say. The 46-year-old singer and supersonic guitarist from Oklahoma is a propagator of rockabilly, old rock’n’roll and all that music from the back roads of America, from the Red States to the Midwest. Drawing unrestrainedly from his distant roots, his music has nothing of an exercise in anachronistic style, everything is in the incendiary execution of the songs rendered with a quickdraw of hell. Just listen to North Side Gal or Let The Good Times Roll and you’re dancing. Vintage to the bone. Fire !